Under the guidance of plant growth chain between environment and plant, we needn't use fertilizer and pesticide to grow our tea which is non-pollution and pure nature certified by China OTRDC. Our target clients are domestic high-grade gradation and noble or plutocrat in oversea market.

We only provide Organic Tea which is from our 1900A. zoology tea garden in Jiangxi Ruijin base. Our whole base is in high mountain and covered by virgin forest, this area is in good protection and never polluted. Forest surrounds the tea plant and no resident close to here.

Our high-class Green Tea and Oolong Tea of Wuyi Yuan Series indicate a new road to organic agriculture development. Depending on the fine environment and zoology condition, we are planting different breed tea and will put them to market in sequence. It brings high quality and healthy tea to good-taste people. We are confident that our tea will be in great demand all over the world.